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Our aim, the satisfaction of our clients

ALGETRANSIT S.L. is born in 1990 in Algeciras, the leading port of the Spanish port system, the meet point of major shipping routes and the bridge between Europe and Africa, this location gives us a strategic position for the development of all types of logistics and Import-Export operations.

Specialists in the rapid and safe clearance of goods, mainly perishable products from fisheries and agriculture. ALGETRANSIT S.L. with a clear focus on the quality of the service has taken the challenge of providing the most appropriate response to customer needs.

In an effort to expand and improve the quality and diversity of our services and to satisfy all our customers, our company is recognized by the Quality Certificate according to ISO 9001 / 2008, which places special emphasis on the constant search for elements of improvement and customer satisfaction issues that have been the cornerstones of this project since its inception.


Avenida Virgen del Carmen 29 BIS. Apartado de Correos 1295. 11201, Algeciras (Cádiz)

TEL 24h. +34 607 904 195
ADUANAS. +34 956 632 351   +34 956 587 628 
ADMINISTRACION.  +34 956 587 00  +34 956 587 129